Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Speak Easy is an interesting site to check out if you have a minute or two.  It allows the user to check the speed of his or her internet connection by choosing a server closest to them.  It measures your download and upload speed.  For example my results were Download Speed: 4742kbps (592.8KB/sec transfer rate) and Upload Speed: 465 kbps (58.1KB/sec transfer rate).  Results may vary depending on your internet connection.  Give it a try if you have the time, Speak Easy is just a click away.

Palm Pre

The Palm Pre offers a new sleek design when compared to previous Palm smartphones.  The Pre Palm offers some new features such as; EvDO, WifFi, stereo Bluetooth, 8 GB of storage,  a touchscreen which provides enormous control, a 3MP camera with flash, a removable battery, a ringer off switch and an incredibly fast processor.  Its next generation operating system (webOS) uses a similar window based OS with the simplicity of a browser.  This gives the user an easy and efficient way to use background applications, switch between applications in one step and handle interuptions without losing content.  Also the Palm Pre offers a slider keyboard instead of those difficult to use virtual touchscreens.  This smartphone really illustrates how fast technology is advancing in the world.