Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Class Blog

ICT 12 Student Blogs (2008-09)
Ava Balingit
Ryan Battistel
Sofia Busse
Nicole Ceralde
Nathan Chiu
Jonathan De Maeseneer
Danila Di Giacinto
Lia Estrellado
Kimberly Francisco
Dilantha Geekiyanage
Nikko Henderson
Nikka Komisarski
Steffani Mastromonaco
Caitlin Nery
Conner Olenick
Andrea Strazzullo
Adam Troczynski
Nikko Tagle
Alannah Villella
Tomasz Cieslik
Sonia Di Palma
Jason Wong
These are the blog URL's for my ICT class colleagues. The class is using blogger throughout the year to record information about various programs and techniques.

This list will be updated to include several blog URL's not presently available.

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